Our combination impingement microwave ovens are up to 18x faster than traditional methods.

Sometimes quality isn’t always reflected in the price. Rapidchef, reassuringly affordable.



Rapid Chef ovens are packed with features which make simple work of incredibly quick, consistent cooking. Whatever the size or scope of your kitchen operations, you can rely on Rapid Chef products to impress you and your customers - every time.   

Built using the highest quality materials, Rapid Chef ovens are surprisingly affordable to own and operate.



Top-launched double microwave systems combine with double heater systems to enable incredibly precise temperature control coupled with minimised moisture loss. A number of features, including forced convection, high speed hot air impingement, a catalytic converter and a smart menu system remove the need for ventilation and smoke extraction systems, whilst food cooks rapidly with low odour contamination.  

The SACO E Speed Oven cooks up to 10x faster than traditional ovens, whilst the SACO S Speed Oven, can cook 18x faster. They are the perfect choice for kitchens with limited space, thanks to their compact design and low energy consumption.  

The highest specification model, the RC 4.2S Speed Oven, has the largest cooking chamber of the products and, as with the SACO models, can be used to cook, bake, roast, toast, brown and crisp foods. 

For more information about Rapid Chef products, including technical specifications, please contact the CCP team, who will be more than happy to help you choose the system that best meets your needs.   

SACO-Stainless Steel 002-min
SACO-Stainless Steel 005-min
SACO-Stainless Steel 004-min
SACO-Stainless Steel 006-min cropped