CCP have launched!

Foodservice Equipment Industry Veterans Launch New Company

1st July 2020 marks the launch of a brand new venture by foodservice equipment industry veterans, Simon Callus and Rob Gibson. Their new company, Commercial Catering Products (CCP), will function as the sole UK sales agent for the leading manufacturer of combination ovens and associated equipment, Retigo, as well as market newcomer Rapidchef, who produce high quality combination impingement microwave ovens.

Working alongside its partner dealers, CCP will help customers assess their business needs and specify the correct equipment for these requirements from both a business and environmental viewpoint. Their distributor supply chain will deliver economical, environmentally friendly, but most importantly, customised packages of equipment and accessories, allowing chefs to operate efficient kitchens which produce exceptional dishes. 

CCP have opened their new offices in Birmingham

To support the company’s day-to-day operations, the team has taken space in a suite of offices in the heart of Birmingham. Their national coverage of dedicated chefs and specialist field engineers will provide comprehensive pre- and after-sales support for chefs and operators, assuring them of a comprehensive customer service package and professional relationship which will last the lifetime of their products. In addition, Retigo also provides a manned technical services help desk for any questions an operator may need assistance with.

Simon commented. “We wanted to use the wealth of our experience and knowledge to team up with companies like Retigo and Rapidchef, who share our commitment to promoting quality and innovative equipment coupled with a first class service.

Our aim is to be synonymous with the Retigo brand and the reference point to a reliable, trusted and efficient sales agency within the UK.”

Rob added, “Retigo and CCP are investing heavily into the UK and are providing pre and aftersales chef support with four designated chefs covering the country.  In addition, Retigo will be offering twenty-six months parts and labour warranty across all of its own brand product range.”

The two directors have a vast wealth of experience between them. Simon has an impressive and extensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry, from equipment manufacture and supply chain processes, to frontline operations. His expertise and reputation for attention to detail and customer care has been developed over a career spanning four decades, which began at E. Coaney’s in Birmingham. He has since worked at major manufacturers including Falcon, Dawson and Meiko. For the last fifteen years, Simon has worked as a senior business development director so has an in-depth knowledge of the UK market.

Rob’s career has been equally impressive. For over twenty six years, he has managed the national accounts of two of the UK’s leading catering equipment manufacturers – Falcon and Lincat. His knowledge is not limited to catering equipment specification and sales, though. He also has hands-on experience, having spent his early professional years establishing and running restaurants for the Forte organisation, taking an active role in kitchen design, planning and operation.

As part of the launch, Commercial Catering Products have also commissioned the creation of a new website, which highlights the wide range of Retigo and Rapidchef equipment and accessories available, as well as the ongoing support which customers can expect when working with the firm. 

As we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, operators will increasingly be looking for the most flexible equipment which will meet the demands of a distinctly different kitchen environment. If you are one of them, or simply want to know more about Retigo and Rapidchef, you are invited to get in touch by email at or use our contact form on this website.