Commercial Catering Projects (CCP) Announces New Strategic Partnership with Duke Manufacturing & Victor MFG.

Less than a year after being formed by two of the most respected and experienced individuals in the UK catering industry, Simon Callus and Rob Gibson, Commercial Catering Projects (CCP) is delighted to announce today that it has agreed a new strategic partnership with Duke Manufacturing.

The strategic partnership will enable CCP to become one of two approved agents in the UK for the American-based, international manufacturer, who are synonymous with holding units found in many Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs.) CCP will be working closely with Victor Manufacturing, who will provide logistical and other essential support, whilst acting as a UK subsidiary which is crucial due to Brexit.

Callus, who set up CCP with Gibson in July 2020, explains:

“As Manufacturer sales agents, we wanted to align ourselves with specialist manufacturers that could support the UK market and provide great solutions for the commercial kitchen. We very much see this as a strategic partnership and one that will complement the Retigo offer within the various market sectors.”

Gibson adds:

“CCP is committed to sourcing equipment that covers the key touch points in a commercial kitchen, which this new partnership with Duke Manufacturing will enable us to offer. It is a perfect synergy and we are looking forward to working closely with the Duke & Victor teams at this exciting time.”

The strategic partnership represents the second such agreement for CCP, having initially agreed to become sole agents for the Czech-based international combination oven manufacturers Retigo.

Since forming the business, Callus and Gibson have made significant inroads in promoting the Retigo brand across the United Kingdom despite the on-going challenges and restraints of the pandemic.

This blossoming relationship culminated in Retigo setting up its own UK subsidiary at the turn of the year. This success helped cement the new partnership with Duke Manufacturing and both parties are
looking forward to the future with keen optimism.